Energy Audit

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You are experiencing an impending energy crisis. <a href=””>musicians fruend</a>

You can systematically rebuild its capacity in each of these areas and thousands of our customers have done so very successfully. Take some time to think about one or two behaviors that are influencing more negative your energy levels . It may be best to start at the physical level , because it is the basis for all energy and where it is easier to make concrete changes . Establish even a single goal for yourself, defined by a specific behavior that you make at a precise moment in designated days , you can put it on track for a fully energized and full life

Faith, Hope & Love Pendant

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Photo credit to owner

Photo credit to owner

It actually looks new to me since I always see the usual single hanging pendant on a necklace, or a name even a ring but just yesterday a colleague presented me this and even without the chain I grabbed it. She said it stands for faith, hope and love which sounded more interesting for me. I took it home and I really don’t want to give it back to her. Anyways it’s on friendly terms, something which can be stretched according to your budget. I hope I can find the right kind of necklace for this. Now I am starting to invest on yellow gold!

Underarm Whitening Cream

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They say it’s effective! That actually came from my boss so I gave it a try – hoping that I will not regret the price just like grabbing some kind of masonic rings.

I bought a tube of this cream looking forward to a brighter tomorrow for my underarm as I have actually tried several formula and some recommendations from friends on how I can make them look lighter. It was one of my biggest frustrations or should I say an inferiority thing as this was an over staying disappointment.

I hope that by the cost of it, it will give the much awaited kind of underarm I can flaunt with my sleeveless tops on.

My Very First Body Scrub Experience

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It is a no April fool’s day joke that it is my very first time to experience availing of a body scrub service in a spa. My husband and me just took advantage of an on-going promo that they offer – a body scrub and massage bundle.

I thought of it as a very private thing like having a brazilian wax which I have not tried yet and will not even dare to try. The feeling was really uneasy at first but realizing that scrubbing your underarm or that in between thighs is part of their job and becoming excited about the outcome are the good sides of the story.

It was actually wonderful especially after the fact that my skin turned out to be soft and smooth.

No Aircon

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Imagine having a 39 degrees fever, that is how it feels now inside our room without any electric fan on.

I don’t know if I would regret that I decided to have oir air-conditioned cleaned-up. It was just a 2-year old appliance and the last time it was serviced by the same technician it works well and never had any problem about it until three days ago it almost caused fire in our house when after testing it had a short circuit and a bunch of smoke came out.

Now you would wish of living in a nipa hut with an oak veneer design so you would feel more comfortable even without an air-conditioning system.

Proud Mom Again

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As my son grows, I am training him to become independent. If I am teaching him with a stick before now that he’s in grade two (2) I am allowing him to study all by himself. But the disadvantage of which is seeing his grades dropping every grading period. And because of that I am no longer expecting him to become part of the list of honors.

I was so surprised to see from his assignment notebook that I am being invited for the deliberation of honors which only means that he still made it. True indeed he is one of the bronze awardees, not bad for a kid who always wants to play minecraft from his mobile tablet – and this made me a proud mom this time around.

Summer Activities

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Since school days have already ended, I have been thinking of how the kids can spend their summer best. I thought of getting them enrolled in a music or voice lesson where maybe they have some sort of recording mixer in there. However, the problem we have on that is the distance of the summer school offering that kind of service.

In the meantime, I just bought some art books for them to enjoy like some with coloring pages and origami. I don’t want them to be on their tablets playing minecraft at all times – that can blur their sight in the long run.

Bumpy Itchy Keloid

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It was almost exactly last year when I had a chicken pox. I will never ever forget that uncomfy feeling of having those painful tiny bumps which ended up into body scars. Scars somehow is tolerable since it disappears thru the age of time but there was this bumpy itchy keloid that was left just below the back side of my left shoulder. It was the worst one that I had and now it seems to have a huge mosquito bite with an eye.

I went to the dermatologist last Saturday and was told that it needs to be injected with a certain medicine to flatten it out. It requires to be done every other week until it subsides however there is a tendency for it to get back on its bump again after some time. When I was told about the cost of the injection suddenly I told myself I will just let it remain in there and I won’t complain about it being itchy and painful anymore.

Consequently I tried to research further about some alternatives on how it can be resolved and found that what has been recommended to me by the doctor is indeed one of the treatments and it says corticosteroid injection. There are also moisturizing oil, silicone gel which can be applied on it. Tissue freeze, laser and radiation treatments were also mentioned.

On The Wings of Love : Worth the Wait

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Last Friday I was not able to watch the actual airing of the last episode of our much sought Television series – On The Wings of Love.Their love story is just so convincing something that can be felt by the followers.

The Last Flight being the finale was able to get on top of trending. It is just today when I had to chance to catch it up. For me just like what was said in their wedding vows – it is indeed worth the wait. It may not has the best wedding set-up but it is one of the most romantic scenes ever where the words and emotions coincide.

It wouldn’t surprise me to know that it is one of any couples dream.

Dadi’s Birthday 2016

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Today is my husband’s 39th birthday, we had plans of celebrating it and of course the sound of music will never get out of season. So we availed of deoxit d5 to clean our instruments up. I know that we will do a lot of singing today specially that it has been decided to celebrate it just with the family so there will be no more shyness – voice all out for everybody.

Happy birthday dadi! May you have more birthdays to come – be more blessed!